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Muting individual pages on browsers

commonly scruff
I am a bit of a dreamer but I suppose as my knowledge is basic in such
things I am looking for some help in developing this idea to become a
reality. Sometimes i'll be browsing many pages at the same time and
when there is audio streaming from these pages it can become annoying
having to find the page where the audio is streaming from.

Is it possible to add-on a little task bar for all the audio  coming
from different pages and be able to choose which one plays from the
browser list. Maybe even have the possibility to link it to a program
such as itunes or wmp.

I'm not sure if this has ever been tried and disregarded as an
impossibility but I think it would be great if this could be developed
as it would add a lot of enjoyment and get rid of the frustration of
scrolling through numerous pages to stop the audio from streaming
which takes away from the internet experiences.

Your thoughts are welcomed!
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