Multiple Bug Lifecycles in One Admin Panel

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Multiple Bug Lifecycles in One Admin Panel

Williams, Ruth

I am wondering if there is a way to create multiple workflow within one instance of Bugzilla.  We have groups of developers  with various need for customized statuses
and controls through their workflow.   Fields that are mandatory for some are not mandatory for others.  Although Bugzilla allows not to show specified fields for all users, the logic is only one
deep.  For instance I can chose to make a field  mandatory and not display it based on Classification.  But if there are differences within the Classification there is not another level of
decision making.  So I can't quite customize for groups within a Classification.

Currently I am able to mitigate some of the problem with extensions, but even with this there are limitations.

We could install multiple instances of Bugzilla, but there are many group that need access to all bugs for reporting, metrics, and delivery.  Pulling information from several sources is not
really an option for us.

I would like to have several flows in my admin panel similar to the one below.

Is this possible?
Thanks for your help,
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