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Mozilla products requirement documents get locales

Axel Hecht

we just added a few locales to the requirements of Firefox2, That document is strongly
evolving right now, so nothing is set in stone, esp not the locale part
of it.

Thus I'm asking for feedback from the l10n owners, esp those that are
listed currently, if they're comfortable with being listed as block
ship, for something that may be happening "sometime in Q3". I would
think that in the past, locales have more been treated like a P2, i.e.,
higly desirable, but not stop ship, officially, though we managed to not
have to make that distinction.

So my question is, is anyone having an uneasy feeling about commiting to
being P1, any foreseeable blocking events in that timeframe that I
should know of (feel free to bring those up in private emails to me, if
you prefer).

What (apart from not breaking deadlines ourselves and stop making builds
in the middle of it) can the corporation do in order to make a set of
locales realistically be P1?

If you feel like some of your comments would rather be just for me, feel
free to fork those into private emails.

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