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Mozilla developer Needed Immediately - All Expenses Paid

Christopher McKenzie
Good morning,


Our guy tasked with win32/moz development decided to skip town at 80%
completion.  The win32 part is basically done; mfc and by the book.  The
moz stuff needs completion; it's traditional NPAPI and the target gecko
is 1.9 although 1.7 or 1.8 is fine.


XPCOM and XPIDL is ok if you can roll it faster.


Here is the stress point.  Sunday is the release.  Yes, this Sunday.  We
are in Marina Del Rey, CA.  If you either live within driving distance
or could take some vacation time and hop on a plane today (US only
please), call me immediately at 818 429 3772 or at any hour of the day -
my name is Chris McKenzie.


My Skype user name is kristopolous.

My AIM user name is kristopolous.

My Yahoo user name is kristopolous.


All expenses paid plus hourly compensation (please discuss your rates).
The gig is 5 days; today (Wednesday) through Sunday.  Please forward
this to whomever you feel would be interested.

Thanks for your time.




Christopher McKenzie

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