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Alexander Fritze
8x8 Inc, the company behind the Packet8 VoIP service, is looking for a
talented UI designer/developer to join a small team of developers
working on the next generation of innovative Mozilla-based
communication software.

Our team embraces open, interoperable standards and open source
software as cornerstones of our development philosophy.  We are
actively involved in a number of IETF working groups and much of the
software produced by our team, such as the Mozilla Zap SIP stack and
client application ( is open-sourced.

As a key member of our team your main responsibility will be the
design, implementation and evolution of the user interface for the Zap
client application and other prototypes based on Mozilla.

Attributes we're looking for in candidates include:

    * An eye for design
    * A passion for creating innovative user interfaces
    * An interest in internet-based communication beyond voice, video
and chat
    * Experience in Mozilla development (XUL, JavaScript, ...)
    * Experience in usability testing

The position is based in Santa Clara, CA. Remote working may be a

For more information, please see here:
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