Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 6/15/2006, 7pm - 10pm PDT (0200 - 0500 UTC)

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Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 6/15/2006, 7pm - 10pm PDT (0200 - 0500 UTC)

Justin Fitzhugh
Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 6/15/2006, 7pm - 10pm PDT (0200 - 0500 UTC)

We will have a scheduled downtime window this coming Thursday from 7pm
to 10pm PDT. The following changes will take place:

* 7pm PDT - Spreadfirefox disk replacement.  We will be replacing a
failed disk on the SFX machine.  Downtime should be less than 5 minutes.
* 7pm PDT - MySQL security update.  We will be patching our MySQL
instances on mrdb01/02 and osdb01/02/03/04 - apps affected:  addons,
bugzilla, bonsai, reporter, spreadfirefox, all wikis, MDC and any other
clustered database-backed systems.  Expected downtime is 10 minutes.
* 8pm PDT - Continued DNS architecture migration.  We will be migrating
our primary DNS server to a new distributed system.  We don't anticipate
any downtime, but sporadic DNS service is possible.
* 8pm PDT - Mirror migration.  We will be implementing various mirror
module changes in coordination with our master mirrors TDS and OSL.  We
don't anticipate any downtime.
*  8:30pm PDT - Bonsai upgrades.  We will be upgrading Bonsai on mecha
and rheet ( and  We
anticipate 5-10 minutes of downtime.

Please let me know if you have any reason why we should not proceed with
the planned maintenance.  As always, we aim to keep downtime to as
little as possible, but unexpected complications can arise causing
longer downtime periods than expected.  All systems should be
operational by the end of the maintenance window.  Feel free to email
[hidden email] if you see issues past the planned downtime.

Justin Fitzhugh
Director, IT - Mozilla Corporation
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