Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 5/9/2006, 7pm - 10pm PDT

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Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 5/9/2006, 7pm - 10pm PDT

Justin Fitzhugh
We will have a scheduled downtime window this coming Tuesday from 7pm to
10pm PDT. The following changes will take place:

* 7pm PDT - CVS migration (continued). We will be migrating the CVS
server to new hardware for increased reliability and performance.  We
expect no more than 15-30 minutes of downtime, but intermittent service
is possible for the entire maintenance window.
* 8pm PST - LVS Update.  We will be making a configuration change to our
LVS nodes.  We expect no more than one minute of downtime -, survey and various other sites fronted by LVS will be
* 8:30pm PDT - Asterisk reboot.  We will be rebooting our Asterisk phone
system for security updates.  We expect 5-10 minutes of downtime.

Please let me know if you have any reason why we should not proceed with
the planned maintenance. Feel free to email [hidden email] if you see
issues past the planned downtime.

Justin Fitzhugh
Director, IT - Mozilla Corporation
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