Mozilla Product Release Strategy (v2)

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Mozilla Product Release Strategy (v2)

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We've updated the proposal to set a support lifecycle for officially
released products from the Mozilla Corporation to be not more than 6
months following the general availability of the current major release
for the last major release.  As noted in the policy, we have adopted an
individual end-user focused support policy but will continue to work
with downstream distributors and support vendors to provide extended
support, particularly for enterprise deployments and environments.
(e.g. We will provided end-users with up to six months of scheduled
security and stability releases following the release of Firefox 1.5 to
allow time for people to upgrade to Firefox 2)

The end-of-life of any specific product line by the Mozilla Corporation
does not imply that the CVS branch will be closed nor otherwise
abandoned, it means that Mozilla will not invest in actively driving
the branch nor producing official binaries that go through our QA and
release process.

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