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Mozilla LDAP SDK documentation

Mark Craig-2

In mid-2007, Sun donated updated LDAP SDK developer documentation to
the Mozilla project. This doc went through thorough development and QA
review before being shared under Creative Commons share-alike. But the
source format DocBook, not as easy to use as the wiki.

I had a little time recently to wikify the doc. You can read (and
update) the results at

You'll also find additional examples for the C SDK with the source in
the Mercurial repository.

If you have time to contribute, it might be worth catching up with the
most recent fixes linked to in the news at

It also would be good to post a copy of the Java SDK API docs
somewhere at I cannot seem to find where Oracle put the
old version after went away.

Lastly, I wasn't paying close enough attention reading Eric S.'s
email, and put this on the wrong wiki. It should be under something
like SDK Programmer's

Hope you find it useful though.
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