Mozilla-Home path getting hardcoded

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Mozilla-Home path getting hardcoded

Shrinand Javadekar
We are trying to build mozilla1.7 sources on Windows using cygwin (Win

We were able to successfully build Mozilla in the debug mode.

However, when we make the Jrex jars using the mozilla build, the mozilla
home directory ("E:/mozilla/mozilla" in our case) gets hardcoded in the the

As a result when we take the jars and port them onto a different machine
(where E:/mozilla/mozilla does not exist),
we get many Warnings and Assertions saying

"E:/mozilla/mozill/<some filename> not found" or
"E:/mozilla/mozilla/<some filename> path does not exist"

One particular example is
"E:/mozilla/mozilla/Cookies.txt not found".

How can we overcome this problem?
Also, because of this will Mozilla not be able to handle Cookies, History,

Please reply assp..
Thanks in advance
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