Mozilla Foundation grant allows for employment of NVDA full-time developer

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Mozilla Foundation grant allows for employment of NVDA full-time developer

Michael Curran
Hi all,

Some very good news for NVDA.
The following was taken from the latest blog post on the NVDA blog at:

Mozilla Foundation grant allows for employment of NVDA full-time developer

Thanks to the generocity and support of the Mozilla Foundation, NV
Access has been able to hire James Teh as a full-time developer to work
on NVDA. The Mozilla Foundation has taken a keen interest in NVDA as one
of NVDA's goals is to provide excellent support for Mozilla products,
such as Firefox and Thunderbird.

The grant (which provides NV Access with US$80,000 over 2008) allows NV
Access to employ James Teh (Jamie)  full-time to work on improving and
maintaining NVDA, with a major focus on Mozilla products. The grant will
be also used to cover overheads for the running of NV Access, which a
part from general administration, also includes project promotion and
the seeking of further funding.

NV Access and Mozilla worked together to draw up a list of grant goals
for NVDA, which both organizations see as the most important things that
should be achieved to make the project a success. Although the grant
will be reviewed before the end of this year, all the goals listed are
to be completed with in a three year timeline. You can view the grant
goals at:

Jamie will hopefully be starting work in the next month or so, once all
the admin has been  organized. I for one am very excited to have Jamie
join the project on a much more full-time basis, and I know he is also
very excited to be able to put all his working time to open-source
projects that hopefully can improve the lives of people in the community
in some way.

On behalf of NV Access, and the other developers of NVDA I would like to
thank the Mozilla Foundation for its support over the last year.
Together we can make sure that blind users will always have both a free
choice when it comes to access to applications on the Microsoft Windows
Operating System, and also a choice to move forward with the rest of the
community, to use free and open-source products (such as Firefox and

The Mozilla Foundation can be found at:

NV Access can be found at:


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