Mobile Automation Deep Dive Meeting tomorrow Wed Jan 8, 1PM PST

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Mobile Automation Deep Dive Meeting tomorrow Wed Jan 8, 1PM PST

William Lachance-2

Tomorrow we're going to have the first of what will hopefully be a
series of mobile automation "deep dive" meetings, where we discuss
in-depth an aspect of mobile automated testing for FirefoxOS and Firefox
for Android. The idea is to both expand the common base of knowledge on
the state of the art in this area (as we continue to add new mobile test
harnesses, frameworks, and platforms to the mix) as well as come up with
plans/ideas which could help us in the future.

Ted Mielczarek has been doing some research into a persistent problem
we've been having with running tests on mobile phones (as we do with
eideticker and autophone for Firefox for Android, and probably soon will
be with FirefoxOS), which is how to reset them when they go into a hard
crash/hang. This happens quite often with some models of phone. For
example, the LG G2X connected to the Eideticker machine in Mountain View
goes down every few days, with the only recourse being a manual reset. I
thought this might make a good topic for our first meeting.

Here's the agenda as it stands:

* Definition of problem: where/how often are we having problems
resetting the phones (wlach: eideticker, mcote/bc: autophone).
** Questions: How often does it happen? Which phones seem most
problematic? How do we deal with this currently? How much time does it
waste? What are we missing in the gaps in time when the phones aren't
* Proposed solutions (ted, ???)
** Replacing batteries with some kind of remotely controlled AC power
supply so we can easily just kill the phone if it freezes
** Some way to wire the power button so it can be remotely controlled
(so we can turn the phone back on after turning it off)
* Group discussion (everyone)
** What needs doing? Who's interested?
** What bugs should be filed? Who's going to take action on them?

Anyone with interest in this topic is more than welcome to join us.

Vidyo:  tor-spadina
Phone:  650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 95589 (US/INTL)
         1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95589 (US)
IRC:    irc://

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