Mobile Automation Deep Dive Meeting tomorrow Wed Feb 5, 1PM PST

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Mobile Automation Deep Dive Meeting tomorrow Wed Feb 5, 1PM PST

William Lachance-2
(this is a second try of the meeting scheduled for two weeks ago which
had to be cancelled at the last minute)

Tomorrow is our second mobile automation "deep dive" meetings, where we
discuss in-depth an aspect of mobile automated testing for FirefoxOS and
Firefox for Android. The idea is to both expand the common base of
knowledge on the state of the art in this area (as we continue to add
new mobile test harnesses, frameworks, and platforms to the mix) as well
as come up with plans/ideas which could help us in the future.

The focus tomorrow will be on how we can reduce the amount of time it
takes to get a new mobile platform up and running. Our recent
experiences with getting Android tests running on the Pandaboard suggest
that there's plenty of room for improvement. Joel Maher (main developer
from the A-team working on that project) will do a presentation on how
things went down, as well as his ideas for making things better in the
future. After that, we'll have a hopefully productive group discussion
and produce a long list of bugs and action items.

For more information, see our agenda here:

Anyone with interest in this topic is more than welcome to join us.

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         1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95589 (US)
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