Mint hiring a UI Architect--Firefox and a back-end architect

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Mint hiring a UI Architect--Firefox and a back-end architect

Please circulate this to your network. 2 great roles here at Intuit.

Much thanks in advance,
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UI Principal Engineer/Architect Req. 69138 |'s |
Mountain View, CA is in search of a talented Principal UI Engineer w/ a focus
on (Firefox,) browser and-ons for a start-up within Mint:'s goal is to provide software engineers
with the tools and infrastructure to untangle the web, using the
structure of the web itself to make any website behave like it's an
API. We believe that once this functionality is available it will
spawn new applications and businesses that aren't yet conceived.

Backend Server Architect Req. 69580 |'s |
Mountain View, CA is beginning a search for the sultan of scale who has
experience w/ highly available and scalable server infrastructure to
work on runtime clusters and our API. If you enjoy working in a
startup w/ the security of a large company then is for
you. JEE and JavaScript experience is a must.
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