Metadata about a message that seems to be missing in TB 3.1

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Metadata about a message that seems to be missing in TB 3.1

Jamal Mazrui-2
I had written JAWS scripts to fine tune speech in Thunderbird 3.0.  I
knew there were some significant user interface changes in the 3.1
version, so have only just gotten around to upgrading when I had some
time to revise the scripts as well.

I have resolved most compatibility issues, but not yet found a way to
convey certain meta data about a message that I previously was able to
obtain and make convenient speech-wise.  Specifically, I am not finding
data about wehter a message was forwarded, replied to, or its size in
bytes.   I have analyzed the tree of MSAA properties in detail.  It
appears that useful info was dropped in the upgrade to TB 3.1.  I hope I
am mistaken, so ask for anyone's help in obtaining such info from the UI
(in TB 3.0, it used to be contained in the AccName string of a message
item object).

Another issue was also present in TB 3.0, and I am just reporting it
now.  The AccFocus property of a message list object is not set with the
value of the index position of the message that has focus in the list
(it remains at a value of 0).  This would be useful info to have.  Right
now, I have to traverse the list of messages, checking their states,
until I find the first one with a focused bit set in the AccState
property.  I hope this can be fixed in a maintenance release of TB 3.1.


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