Managing the amount of new content to localize

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Managing the amount of new content to localize

Jeff Beatty
Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well. I’m very excited to write this email, as it
reflects 18+ months of feedback from you (both solicited and unsolicited,
open and private, in-person and virtual), as well as 12+ months of work
done by members of the l10n-drivers team.

One of the biggest frustrations we’ve heard from you is around the
ever-increasing amount of new content to translate and the ever-shortening
time frames in which to act. We’ve also heard loud and clear that
contributing to localization at Mozilla should be treated as a hobby, not a
job. Here’s a recap of some things the l10n-drivers have done to account
for this feedback:


   Adopted a “ship what’s available” policy for existing product
   localizations. Rather than waiting until an official product
   localization is at 100% to sign off and ship an update to users, we’ve
   shipped products with l10n updates for all locales, no matter how small the

   Eliminated localizer sign-offs. Localizers no longer are required to
   sign off on localizations for them to ship.

   Deadline dates are used as indicators, not blockers. Rather than make
   pushy calls-to-action to get localizations up-to-date by a deadline,
   deadlines are used to inform you of when you’ll see your l10n updates
   shipped/pushed to production for the next release.

   Pontoon shows priorities, grouped content tags within projects, and
   unreviewed translations. Pontoon helps show where your available free
   time for Mozilla projects can be most impactful.

   Opt-out projects. Localizers have had more flexibility to spend time
   with the projects they’re most interested in, and pass the rest over the
   fence to vetted vendors.

Today I’m announcing the next phase of program changes aimed to satisfy the
desire to make community l10n an impactful hobby that advances the Mozilla
mission, while still meeting the l10n-driver’s commitments to content
creators and product managers within Mozilla. These changes include:


   Establishing content type classifications. We’ve defined specific
   content “buckets” or types to categorize content and standardize the
   processes around localizing content according to its type.

   Establishing rules around exposing content to Pontoon. Only content
   matching a specific content type profile will be funneled to Pontoon. This
   includes web & software product UI (e.g., Firefox Send and Firefox desktop,
   respectively) and non-marketing web content (mostly static content in Heavy marketing content and other free-form, specialized
   content will be sent to vetted vendors.

   Less content, higher impact. Content types and the rules around them let
   us reduce the overall amount of new content to localize in Pontoon,
   granting you more flexibility, more predictability, and an easier time of
   shipping complete localizations to users.

   Improved re-use, review, and speed features coming to Pontoon. Once (Pontoon modernization project) wraps at the end of the
   month, we will begin work on improvements to Pontoon that better re-use
   your previous translations, and incorporate tooling for performing peer
   reviews more efficiently, and better machine translation suggestions
   utilizing neural machine translation engines trained on Mozilla linguistic

Some of these changes are already in-progress and you’ll see them reflected
in Pontoon toward the end of the month. Others will be addressed in our
team’s quarterly objectives over the next 3-6 months. Regardless of when
they come, we’d love to hear from you about any questions you might have,
or additional ways we can continue to make localization a program that is
worthy of your time and attention, that respects your freedom,
availability, and desire to contribute.

Looking forward to the discussion. Thank you again for all you do. I truly
hope these changes enhance your experience localizing with us.


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