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Mac build of XForms add on

Swithun Crowe

I built an xforms.xpi for a Mac-using colleague, as he inadvertently
upgraded Firefox beyond what was compatible with the most recent official
Mac xforms.xpi.

It was built on Mac OS 10.5 and works with FF 3.5.5. You can get it from:

I had to tweak the minimum version inside the .xpi, as per the very useful

The build instructions linked to from that page are helpful too. The only
snag I hit was that I first built the most recent version of Mozilla,
which is not compatible with the XForms code. You need to check out the
1.9.1 Mozilla code, and then everything works fine.

I'm not a Mac user - I had to borrow a laptop to get this done - so I
can't provide regular snapshots. But hopefully someone will find this
useful. There have been a few people asking about Mac builds on the list

I have to give the Mac back tomorrow, so if anyone notices any problems
that I could fix, then please let me know.



p.s. You will probably have to download the .xpi and then File > Open File
to get FF to recognise it as an add-on.
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