MSAA hides crashes (so does IA2)

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MSAA hides crashes (so does IA2)

Aaron Leventhal-3
[Cross-posted to IA2 list]

This was news to me:

It turns out that most users of MSAA/IA2/COM  may experience starnage
bugs where their calls are not returned. This often indicates a crash in
the application they are trying to make accessible. However, the RPC
mechanism is wrappering the MSAA calls in __try/__except (Structured
Exception Handling), and hiding the crashes. This can lead to the
failure to diagnose and eradicate critical errors in the MSAA/IA2 server
-- in other words we get strange, intermittent bugs that are very
difficult to deal with.

I suspect we need our testing tools to really help here, by exercising
the server implementation in process.

- Aaron

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