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MPL Upgrade for the Mozilla Project

Gervase Markham
[Repost; original message seems not to have made it through to the

Mozilla is on the verge of completing an 18-month process to revise the
Mozilla Public License (MPL), the licence it has used for most new code
since the original release of the source code in 1998. MPL 2 is about
half the length of MPL 1.1, has many provisions removed which have
become onerous to comply with, and has better compatibility with other

Many in the Mozilla community, including the project leadership, have
reviewed drafts of the upcoming version and are eager to adopt it, in
place of the tri-licensing scheme we currently use. (The MPL 2 is
compatible with the LGPL and GPL, like the tri-licence.) We'd like to
make sure all of the Mozilla community is aware that a decision on
upgrading our code to the MPL 2 will be made shortly, and if there are
any issues with doing so, we'd like to know about them before the
licence is finalized.

We invite project participants to review the licence and raise any
issues or questions they may have.

There is a document about the upgrade process, which explains how we
would go about it. Feedback on the proposals therein - both in mechanism
and scope - is also very welcome.

Feedback can be sent to the mozilla.governance discussion forum. Please
respect Followup-To/Reply-To.


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