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Looking for QA tester

Ben Bucksch
About us:
  • We're a tiny, but highly qualified and experienced development team. We're serious about software development and quality, but we're having fun doing it.
  • We are developing a commercial Firefox XUL extension, with several million users. It's listed on AMO, and there's a custom Firefox build in partnership with Mozilla.
We need somebody to do the manual testing for us.

Currently 20h/week. We're serious and looking for somebody to stay with us for years, not months.

Tasks: (typical QA)
  • Testing of newly developed features, to ensure that they work in all situations - new profile, migration, all OS platforms, current and upcoming browser versions, etc.. Apart from diligence, you need to look at the feature from another angle than we do, to think of cases we missed.
  • Regression testing, to ensure that a few feature didn't break some older functionality or cases
  • QA before a release, to ensure that everything works
  • QA when a new browser comes out
  • Deliver software that's practically bugfree (we have a good record)


  • Love software
  • Good sense for what end users will do
  • Constructive attitude, working closely with development
  • Track record at bugzilla.mozilla.org a plus, but not required
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript and Python a huge plus, but not required


  • No standard resume needed
  • Reply to this email, and I'll tell you what I need.
  • Add your phone number and your approximate location

I'm looking forward to hear from you


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