Localizers Needed for the Common Voice Global Sprint

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Localizers Needed for the Common Voice Global Sprint

Konstantina Papadea
Hey L10N,

Help make voice recognition open to everyone by contributing your language
skills to Common Voice during the Global Sprint - May 10-11th.

This year hundreds of Mozillians will be sprinting on a special
project for Common
Voice as part of the Global Sprint
<https://foundation.mozilla.org/opportunity/global-sprint/>, a two-day
world-wide hackathon on open projects for a healthy internet.

In case you don’t know, project Common Voice <https://voice.mozilla.org/en>
collects donated voices to help make voice recognition open to everyone. In
2018 Common Voice wants to expand beyond English, but in order to do that
we need to collect sentences in other languages for people to read out
loud. That’s what this sprint is about! During the Global Sprint
participants will be donating written sentences in their language to Common


Reviewers are language specialists who work during the sprint to read and
validate sentences written by regular contributors.  Reviewing is a great
way to make a core contribution to Common Voice and be acknowledge by the
Common Voice Team. Click here
to Register as a Reviewer.

As a Reviewer you’ll:


   Meet with the Common Voice project lead before the sprint to learn the
   reviewing process

   Be available from 9am-5pm local time during the Sprint
   (different/limited hours are also OK)

   Read and approve “valid sentences”  in your language

   Stay connected with the Staff Team to report problems

Can’t review this year but still want to help, don’t worry? You can
still participate
<https://foundation.mozilla.org/opportunity/global-sprint/participate/> or find
a site near you
<https://foundation.mozilla.org/opportunity/global-sprint/register/>to join!


Konstantina Papadea

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