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Link to spidermonkey?

This is a copy of this question:
(I believe Stackoverflow is a better place to discuss and solve problems, so I just past the question with its original formatting.)

I successfully [compiled spidermonkey]( (on windows), how can I link against it now (to [embed it](

[js-config]( is not properly installed, and I don't understand [this workaround]( Linking to the static library should be easier, but I don't even know which file it is. I have `mozglue.lib, mozjs-43a1.lib, nspr4.lib, plc4.lib, plds4.lib` in `dist/sdk/lib` and `nspr4.lib, plc4.lib, plds4.lib` in `dist/lib`.


*I used the following command to compile:*

    g++ -std=c++11 -I<objdir>/dist/include -L<objdir>/dist/lib helloworld.cpp -o helloworld  -lmozjs-31 -lz -lpthread -ldl

*I know it is not the correct way to compile it since those libraries are not in `<objdir>/dist/lib`. It returns the following errors:*

    [...]/jscpucfg.h:121:3: erreur:
    #error "Cannot determine endianness of your platform. Please add support to jscpucfg.h."
    erreur: 'JS_EvaluateScript' was not declared in this scope
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