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Komodo - Mozilla/Python developer

Todd Whiteman-3
ActiveState is looking to hire a developer to work on Komodo, the
award-winning IDE:

What's that you say, developing a tool that gets used by other
developers? That sounds cool, what type of leet skills do I need?

You'll need mad skills in Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS as well as C/C+
+. Mozilla hacking would definitely score you some bonus points.

If you think you've got what it takes, and you can put check marks
next to most of the following, then send us that HR-friendly stuff.

Must Check Mark:

* Minimum 3 years' software development experience (seriously:
* Strong Python development skills
* Development experience with web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS)
* Experience programming in C/C++ at the system level
* Proven debugging skills
* Able to independently research problems and present solutions to the
* Excellent written and verbal communications skills
* Ability to help flesh out precise requirements from customer input

Nice-to-Have Check Marked:

* Mozilla experience (XUL, XBL, Add-ons)
* Experience building and debugging software on multiple platforms
* Experience building desktop and user interface applications
* Comfortable with version control software, especially Subversion
* Other dynamic languages experience (Perl, PHP, Tcl, Ruby, etc.)

You can apply by emailing to: [hidden email]


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