Job announcement for Mozilla XUL/XPCOM software developer

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Job announcement for Mozilla XUL/XPCOM software developer

Jakub Skoczen-2
Postition: Software Developer
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

We're looking for a software developer to join our core team working
on a long-term Mozilla-based project. A successful candidate will have
a substantial (2+ yrs) experience working with the Mozilla platform,
including Firefox (or Extensions) and XUL programming. Knowledge of
Gecko internals and C/C++ XPCOM programming will be a plus. BSc in
Computer Science or IT is desirable but not required. We are primarily
an open-source Linux shop so the candidate should have at least a
basic knowledge of Unix/Linux. We are primarily interested in people
living in the Greater Copenhagen Area, Denmark or with somebody who is
willing to relocate.

Please send applications to:
[hidden email]

About Index Data

Index Data is a small company specialized in information retrieval
tools and solutions for the library industry and related fields. We're
an eclectic, international team working together from locations in
several countries, but with the main concentration in Copenhagen. In
this small, dynamic group, a dedicated, engaged person will find
plenty of opportunity to influence the direction of his or her work,
and indeed the direction of the entire company. You'll find plenty of
opportunity for teamwork as well as independence in terms of design
and technical approaches. Our customer base is international with a
focus on North America, and for people who like to travel, there are
often good opportunities.
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