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David Stutzman-10
I am running on Windows 7 64bit.  I have installed Visual Studio 2015 update 3.  I have installed mozilla-build 2.2.0 (the latest version that has the start-msvc scripts).  I have built NSS and NSPR 64 bit but JSS bombs out trying to compile CryptoManager.c

I'm following instructions from readme linked from here:

At first I get an include error secitem.h cannot open include file 'plarena.h'.

If I take the command it's trying to run and fixup the include paths a little bit I get a different error
fatal error C1083: cannot open compiler generated file: '<some path>\CryptoManager.obj'

This .obj file does not exist yet so was it supposed to have been generated already or is it some intermediate file that should be getting created by this command but the root problem is something else?

In either case, it seems the makefile isn't working properly for windows.  I have tried building JSS_4_3_2_RTM and the most recent JSS_4_4_20170501.  Can anyone provide insight into what is required for a successful JSS build on windows?  I am working on trying to fix some JSS bugs and want to confirm behavior with a newer NSS.  I am currently running JSS 4.3.2 built against NSS 3.12.7 which is on the older side.
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