Issue with BzAPI for BugZilla version 4.4.2

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Issue with BzAPI for BugZilla version 4.4.2

Umang Buddhdev
Hi Support,

Problem statement : using BzAPI need to load the single bug details but BzAPI load the list of bugs details as response.

To bring a Bug details using BzAPI we are using below API call

Which gets converted as below in BzAPI log and as repose it bring the list of Bugs instead of single Bug details. GET =>

I tested this behavior with BugZilla server 3.6 and API call has proper response [bring single bug details ] while same BzAPI is pointed to BugZilla server 4.4.2 and in this case it brings the list of Bug by making a different API call "buglist.cgi"

Any help would be appreciated.


Umang Buddhdev

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