Introduction for GSoC 2016 "Event in a Tab" project

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Introduction for GSoC 2016 "Event in a Tab" project

Paul Morris
Greetings all,

I will be working on the Mozilla Calendar "Event in a Tab" project for
Google Summer of Code 2016 and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm from the
USA and am pursuing a graduate degree in the humanities.  I've written
several Firefox Add-ons[1] and have also contributed to GNU LilyPond
music notation software.


I'm excited for the opportunity to work on this feature for Mozilla
Calendar this summer, and will be asking questions here and on IRC (as
pmorris).  Thank you to Fallen (primary mentor), MakeMyDay, and everyone
for your support.

I have created a wiki page with more details about the project:

And a tracking bug:

I will be posting progress updates on the Calendar Project blog under
the "gsoc" tag:

Here's to a successful summer of code!

All my best,
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