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ISSUE with Reassigning Bug..


I have upgraded my bugzilla from version 2.20 to 3.0, Everything is working fine. I can able to see all old bugs and i can raise new bugs also. but, after raising a new bug,  if I reassiging to some one i'm getting the following error:

Software error:
DBD::mysql::db do failed: Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) and (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation 'case' at /var/www/html/testing3.0/process_bug.cgi line 1689

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (root@localhost), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

Even i tried with fresh installation, still i'm getting the same issue.

Plz help me to resolve this issue.