IE performing mal-formed HEAD requests

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IE performing mal-formed HEAD requests

Tosh, Michael J
I've noticed in my error_log and access_log that IE 8 is logging 'file not found' errors for attachments when it performs HEAD requests.

- User tries to access the following URL:  http://server/attachments.cgi?id=12345

- IE first tries:  HEAD attachments.cgi%3Fid=12345

- Apache tries to access the literal file "attachments.cgi%3Fid=12345", doesn't find it so it logs the error and returns a 404.

- IE then tries:  GET attachments.cgi?id=12345

Has anyone seen this before?  I never noticed it, but it is in all of our previous logs for both Bugzilla 3.0 and Bugzilla 4.0.

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