I can enter bug into my product but can't see them when I search

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I can enter bug into my product but can't see them when I search

Danny Hinckley

I am an end user of Bugzilla who has managed to get administration privileges to it but have no access to the server. I can only add/delete/modify what is accessible via the Bugzilla interface.


I am creating new products in order to separate out a mix of products already in the single product that we inherited (in Bugzilla).


I create the product and can see the product. I can enter new bugs into the product and can see that the product now has x more bugs in it.


But I cannot view the bugs unless I access a specific one via its bug ID#.


When I search I get nothing.


I’ve messed around with every seemingly logical combination of Groups access, new groups, old groups, product access, etc..


Any obvious answer (it is usually the obvious one that is overlooked).



Danny H


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