How to execute an Exe-File ?

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How to execute an Exe-File ?

Hi !

I want wo execute an exe-File on my windows-system, which were copied from
xpi-paket to specific folder by XPI-installer.
Now, I want to execute this file at this new folder, but I find no way.

Whether "execute" nor "File.execute" work fine for me.
The "File.Execute" call is:

iErrCode = File.execute( strInstallFolder+strInstallFile_REGISTER,"",
false );

strInstallFolder = "c:\programme\test\"
strInstallFile = "Register.exe"   so is
strInstallFolder+strInstallFile_REGISTER = "c:\programme\test\Register.exe"

I get -208, Bad Parameters.
Where is the problem ?

Greetings, Freddie

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