How can I get all HTML attributes with GeckoFX/C#

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How can I get all HTML attributes with GeckoFX/C#


In C# viaGeckoFx, I have not found a method to find all attributes of an element.

To do this, I made a JavaScript function. Here is my code

GeckoWebBrowser GeckoBrowser = ....;
GeckoNode NodeElement = ....; // HTML element where to find all HTML attributes

string JSresult = "";
string JStext = @"
function getElementAttributes(element)
    var AttributesAssocArray = {};
    for (var index = 0; index < element.attributes.length; ++index) { AttributesAssocArray[element.attributes[index].name] = element.attributes[index].value; };
    return JSON.stringify(AttributesAssocArray);


using (AutoJSContext JScontext = new AutoJSContext(GeckoBrowser.Window.JSContext)) { JScontext.EvaluateScript(JStext, (nsISupports)NodeElement.DomObject, out JSresult); }

Do you have others suggestions to achieve this in C# (with no Javascript)?

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