How To Tags Comments in Bugzilla So We Can Respond Appropriately

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How To Tags Comments in Bugzilla So We Can Respond Appropriately

Emma Humphries
You might recall that if you have "editbugs" privileges, you can tag
comments in Bugzilla to mark abuse, off-topic discussion, and spam.

Please use the right tags when reporting comments that violate our
etiquette policies
so that site admins can take the right actions and keep Bugzilla a friendly
and spam-free place to report and track bugs.

'spam': comments that look like someone's trying to game search results by
adding links to unrelated sites to comments should be tagged as spam. Look
out for comments of the form "I see this happening on my site too," as they
may be spam and not additional information for a bug.

'off-topic', 'offtopic', 'me-too', or 'advocacy': "me too", "fix this
''now''!", "I can't believe this isn't important to Mozilla" and similar
comments should be tagged with one of these.

'abuse', 'abusive', or 'admin': Flames, threats, name-calling, and slurs
are abuse, and should be marked as such so they are brought to the
attention of an admin.

'obsolete' and 'typo' should only be use used to remove comments which are
no longer relevant, contain outdated or incorrect information, or ones the
author wishes to redact.

If you don't have "editbugs" privileges, ask for help on #
[hidden email] or email [hidden email] with the bug number
and a short description of the situation.

Our response to violations of Bugzilla etiquette depends on the type of
violation. We don't want to mark an eager new contributor, who just needs
some coaching, as a spammer, and we don't want to go uninformed about abuse.


-- Emma 🐛👷‍♀️
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