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How Firefox search new plugins

Maxim Volkov-2
   I have developed a new plugin for Firefox.
   And make XPI installer based on install.rdf and my library.
   I can install this plugin directly from "File Explorer" by drag and drop.
   But, how I can install plugin from web page where this plugin is used?
   Where Firefox search new plugins?
   I try use next code on page where plugin is used, on this case I can
install plugin buy using "establish in manual"(I redirect to page with
plugin link, and can install):

<embed type="application/x-test-plugin" width=100 height=100
subscriber_id="1111" site_name="xxxx"

In np.php:
<script type="application/x-javascript">
function install2 (aEvent)
   xpi={'Test plugin':''};

   return false;

<a href=""
   onclick="return install2(event);">
   Install Extension2!

[Sorry for terrible English. My native language is C and C++ ]

Best regards,
Maxim  mailto:[hidden email]
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