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Highlighting of nodes

Ondrej Jaura

        i would like to highlight some (DOM) nodes on a page.

        first i tried it with an inserting of floating <div>s -- for each frame
(nsIFrame) of a highlighted node one floating <div>. (some nodes like
<span> or <a> are splittable, i.e. they can consist of more frames.)

        but it did not work well for some pages (www.mozilla.org :) (small but
visible changes of the position of highlighted nodes like <img> etc.).

        so i decided to do a non-intrusive (for the loaded DOM tree)
highlighting - to insert an additional frame to a frame, that should be
        just a drawing to a frame is not satisfied because it disappears after
operations like scrolling.

        do you have an idea how to do it? or do you know a better way?



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