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christopher taylor-2

I've installed Firefox 1.5 on two machines. One of them is my
development platform. I worked on a C++ XPCOM component on the
development machine and it's working flawlessly. I got all my work
moved to another machine and now I'm getting errors from firefox
saying XPCOM can't find my component.

I looked in both user profiles and they look the same. The XPI that
I'm storing my information was made like this:

file.xpi contains:

 + chrome.manifest
 + install.rdf
 + /platform/WINNT_x86-msvc/components/xpcomp.dll
 + /components/Ixpcomp.xpt
 + file.jar

file.jar contains a directory named /chrome/ and that directory holds
a bunch of xul files

 any idea of the problem? I'm cleaning out the paths on my development
machine to ensure that firefox isn't dynamically linking to a location
that has any DLLs. After clearing out the paths, I'm now getting the
same problem on my development machine.

should I be using an install.js script to handle this installation? or
should an install.rdf do the trick? in any case, i just don't think my
XPCOM dll (in this example, xpcomp.dll) is registering with XPCOM.


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