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Help Us Release 2.20!

Max Kanat-Alexander
        Hey there, Bugzilla users! So, we're starting to push toward a 2.20
release candidate, now. What we could really use is as much help fixing
bugs as possible! Here's a list of all the bugs we currently would like
to have fixed for 2.20:

        If you see any bug in there that's assigned to "[hidden email]" or
any of the "@bugzilla.bugs" addresses, that means that nobody's working
on it, and you are totally free to take it! Sometimes, even if it is
assigned to somebody, if there's not yet a patch on the bug we'd still
*love* it if somebody took over the bug.

        So if you see a bug in that list that you think you'd like to fix,
please do! Even if you don't know a lot about Bugzilla's codebase, we
can help you along. In particular, if you come into #mozwebtools on, we'll be as helpful as we can to anybody who wants to
fix some Bugzilla bugs. :-) (Sometimes you just have to be patient for
us to respond to your questions.)

        If you want to know more about the process of contributing to Bugzilla,
you can see our Contributor's Guide:

        If you've ever wanted to help out with Bugzilla development, now's a
great time!

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