Help: About the minimo building (RemoteEvent) for ARM-based Linux phone

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Help: About the minimo building (RemoteEvent) for ARM-based Linux phone

Mark Wang-2
Dear all,

I am trying to build minimo for my ARM-based Linux phone but met some
errors related with "RemoteEvent" in
I studied some source code and find some hits but failed to resolved
it. I noticed that you are one of the author of file nsDocument.cpp. I
mailed to Clayton ([hidden email]), the author of "RemoteEvent"
related code, but mail delivery failed. I have no choice but turn to
help here.

The building environment:
(1).Host system: Fecora Core 6
(2).Cross-compiler: arm-linux-gcc   (version 3.2.1)

(3).mozilla/ tag: 20070716:125806 EDT (cvs co -D "Mod Jul 16
12:58:06 EDT 2007" mozilla/; make -f checkout)

(4).Patch for RemoteEvent released by Clayton Williams from  (the IDL files and other
related files are included)
mozconfig: find the attached

As the building log attached, the error occurred in Line 964
(NS_INTERFACE_MAP_ENTRY(nsIDOMRemoteEventTarget)) of
mozilla/content/base/src/nsDocument.cpp "invalid static_cast from type
'nsDocument* const' to type 'nsIDOMRemoteEventTarget*"

I studied the source code and found that nsIDOMRemoteEventTarget is
derived from nsIDOMEventTarget, while the latter is derived from
nsISupports; the nsDocument is a class. As OO, the error is obvious.
Of course, I am not familiar with CORBA and IDL, would you be so kind
to help me out or give some hits?

Best Regards,

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