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After a bug has been created, I’m trying to give our developers the ability to change who a bug is currently assigned to.  I looked in the 3.4.5 release of the guide (section 6.4) and found that the changes need to be made in In the comments I found that the assigned-to refers to “The full login name of the user who the bug is initially assigned to.”  Does this mean that it only refers to the initial state and not the state after the bug has been created?

I created the following code and used it in the sub check_can_change_field section.  Judging from the examples in the code, it seems like this should work….

       #for Development to use assigned_to          
       if ($field eq "assigned_to"){
       if (Bugzilla->user->in_group("Development")) {
       return 1;
       else {
       return 0;

Any ideas on where I’m going wrong?