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Antônio Gomes-2
Cross-copying to layout-dev. It seems to be more related to this issue.


Hi all,

I few months ago I played with some zooming stuff for mozilla embedding
browser. Actually, it is working now pretty  fine although I have
noticed a strange detail on it, which can be easily reproduced in firefox:

1) go to http://www.echoecho.com/htmlforms10.htm
2) press ctrl + (or -) for increasing/decreasing page font size.

It is visible that some html forms do *not* get scaled (see radio
buttons) while other ones do get  (see any button for example). I'd like
to know if it is an expected behaviour and also if there is a
programmatic way to get radio buttons (and other not zoomed html forms)
scaled ?

thank you very much.


--Antonio Gomes

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