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Sabine Cretella

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>> ...I am not a programmer, but just a localiser working with very
>> different sourcecode files...
> Could OmegaT be used to translate Mozilla interfaces?  Would it have
> advantages?  If it's just a matter of file formats, there are
> programmers here...
Hi Rod,

OmegaT can be used to translate interfaces. If these are for example
.bundle files there is already a filter for them. OmegaT also already
supports html, shtml and xml files (mostly used for documentation). And
of course OpenOffice.org documents and text-format.  If none of those
works another filter is needed. These filters can be programmed. So if
this makes sense to you, you should get into touch with Maxym who is the
actual main programmer if you think it is useful, I can get you into

Ciao, Sabine


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