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Aaron Leventhal-3


For those who are not subscribed to the Gnome accessibility list or heard

Trolltech have released the promised D-Bus-based accessibility API.
They have made it available at:

They also wrote a poke tool:

Last but not least, they have a ported Dasher to use the API:

(They say that they plan to contribute their work back to the official Dasher
repository once things it has matured a bit.)

The API is close to both IAccessible2 and AT-SPI.

If I understnad the approach that Trolltech has taken correctly, then they
a) implemented everything that is in IAccessible2 (including the improvements
that are missing in AT-SPI)
b) implemented everything from AT-SPI that has been left out of IAccessible2
because it is available in MSAA
c) _not_ implemented parts of AT-SPI that are unused by the existing assistive
technologies and that have therefore also been left out in IAccessible2

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