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[Fwd: Firefox 3 Crash Problem]

David Bolter
Do we have a bug for this crasher?  If so we should let Janina know.


I've just confirmed consistent crash behavior on FF3 with Orca or LSR
which doesn't happen when I run the same FF3 without screen reading.
I've further confirmed this on two sites, hilton.com and united.com.
I'll provide my steps vis a vis looking for flights on United Airlines:

* Go to united.com and tab to the form fields for flight searches.

* Enter IAD and OSL in the From: and To: fields -- any airport
* codes will do, actually.

* Tab to the drop downs for selecting month and day for departure
* and return. Pick reasonable dates, in my case April 20 and April
* 28 respectively.

* Tab to the Submit button. Everything else is at defaults.

With Orca or LSR loaded and speaking, Minefield will crash when Submit
is actuated. Intriguingly, restarting Minefield and selecting "Restore
previous session" will display the search results as if Minefiled had
not crashed.

If Orca or LSR are not running, there is no crash--the search results
display as one would expect. Please note that I have not set
gnome-accessibility false when testing without screen readers. That
variable is still set "true."

PS: I'm using ibmtts, if that helps.



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Re: [Fwd: Firefox 3 Crash Problem]

Aaron Leventhal-3
It turns out the major crash I was investigating
was a Windows-only crasher.

So, no -- I don't believe we have a bug open for
this problem. I've also heard it crashes every
time on eBay.

Unfortunately our current Talkback crash report
system isn't accessible on Linux. That's being
fixed. But, in the meantime a crash report would
be great. If someone gets this crash (or any
crash), and has the ability to fill in the
talkback form, I'd appreciate it. Put some kind of
comment in the crash form so we can find it later.

That kind of info really helps track down these
problems. Quite often it leads us directly to the
problematic line of code.

Talkback reports can be search here:
(That's why the comments are useful).

- Aaron

David Bolter wrote:
> Do we have a bug for this crasher?  If so we should let Janina know.
> D
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