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Aaron Leventhal-3
Thought I'd forward this -- Benetech is a good organization that's into
open source and pretty much any use of software that can benefit
society, including accessibility.

This is from the Bookshare volunteer list.

I wanted to let you know that Benetech has several job openings right now
for engineering and operations support of
Bookshare.org and more general Benetech engineering. I would like to
encourage everyone on these list to have a
look and apply if you feel there’s a good match for your qualifications and
interests. All positions are located in house
in Palo Alto, California.
The website for the job listings is

James D Homme, , Usability Engineering, Highmark Inc.,
[hidden email], 412-544-1810

"It's more important for me to start to do the right thing than it is to
wait until I think I
can do it just right."
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