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Steve Lee-3
Ability Net have released the podcasts from the Excellent Web 2.0 accessibility

The talks are good and Steve Faulkner specifically discussed ARIA
using Twitter as an a11y test case.

Steve Lee

P.S I haven't checked but you might just catch me at the end of the
panel discussion ;-)

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From: Robin Christopherson <[hidden email]>
Date: 2008/8/28
Subject: Accessibility2.0 - podcasts finally available!
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Accessibility 2.0: a million flowers bloom

Download the podcasts, transcripts and summaries of Accessibility 2.0

Many thanks to all our contributors and everyone who attended the event.

We finally have the podcasts of the conference fully transcribed! With
approximately seven hours of footage it's taken quite a while for our
busy team to prepare – but as I'm sure you'd agree we didn't want them
to go up without being fully accessible.

You can also subscribe direct to the podcasts with this link -

What's happened since the conference

Bringing together passionate experts in a field where there are few
cut and dry rules can lead to heated discussion. Since the conference
has led to several interesting developments:

A heated exchange between Jeremy Keith and Mike Isofarro Davies has
resulted in ongoing debate about the accessibility of Microformats,
hopefully it will lead to an accessible solution
What are the accessibility concerns with microformats? the BBC's
Jonathan Hassel explains
Christian Heilmann developed EasyYouTube, a YouTube player for people
with learning disabilities as a direct response to Antonia Hyde's
presentation on Rich Media for people with learning disabilities
Christian gets fantastic feedback - EasyYouTube also works with screen
readers and schoolkids use it to access YouTube
Following on from this success Chris developed EasySlideShare and EasyFlickr
Christian has taken the idea further by organising Scripting Enabled -
an accessibility hack day

We plan to host Accessibility 2.0 again in Spring 2009. Please email
us at [hidden email] if you would like to receive

Thanks, Robin.

Robin Christopherson
Head of Accessibility Services


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Steve Lee
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