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Fwd: [Accessibility-atspi] Papi (Python accessibility) 0.0.6 with MSAA wrapper

Steve Lee-3
This seems worth cross posting...
papi provides an application-side python wrapper to ATK and MSAA and
so compliments pyatspi which is for AT-side.

In fact I as MSAA is fairly symmetrical it might be of interest for
ATs as well (can anyone verify that?).

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software and Accessibility

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From: Marcus von Appen <[hidden email]>
Date: 2008/8/5
Subject: [Accessibility-atspi] Papi (Python accessibility) 0.0.6 with
MSAA wrapper
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I'm sorry for spamming those three lists, but I thought this might be
interesting for the one or other developer on those. I just released
Papi 0.0.6, a python wrapper around ATK and (introducing with this
release) now MSAA (IA2 will come by time, too).

Papi enables developers to spend (nearly) any python application
accessibility support without the need to install third party toolkits,
such as PyGTK or wxWidgets.

Interested developers are recommended to take a look at it. You can
download it from [0]. As it is a more or less pure wrapper around the
mentioned toolkits, there is nearly no documentation for now. That will
change (hopefully) soon.

A future version (possibly 0.0.7) will also contain a python wrapper
around those toolkits, so that you just have to subclass and fill a
handful of interfaces in order to have platform-independent
accessibility support.

[0] http://sourceforge.net/projects/ocemp


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