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Aaron Leventhal-3
  WebAIM is conducting a survey of screen reader users -

  Web accessibility experts often say something like,  "Screen reader
  users prefer…" followed by some accessibility recommendation. However,
  many of these recommendations are based on personal preference or
  conjecture - often from sighted users who only test with screen
  readers. The fact is that there is little data about screen reader
  usage to back up these recommendations.

  This survey will ask screen reader users about their usage and
  preferences. If you are a full-time, part-time, or even occasional
  screen reader user, please take a few minutes to complete the survey
  and provide us with a few details on your screen reader usage and
  preferences. We will be comparing results between those that rely on
  screen readers and those that primarily use them for evaluation and
  testing, so all screen reader users are invited to respond. Your
  feedback will help influence the accessibility techniques that web
  developers implement and that experts recommend. We'll be posting the
  survey results in a few months.

  Please post this announcement and/or the URL to other accessibility,
  disability, and assistive technology lists. More screen reader user
  responses will help solidify the recommendations made.


  Jared Smith
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