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Free ARIA functionality templates

Bryan Garaventa-2
I just thought I'd pass this on in case it's of interest.

AccDC is now available as a free download from, under the heading "AccDC API Download".

AccDC is a scalable, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible Dynamic Content Management System that automates the rendering of dynamic content to ensure accessibility for screen reader and keyboard only users.  

The download includes a collection of the most common interactive control types that cause critical accessibility issues for disabled Assistive Technology users, including lightboxes, banners, tooltips, popups, tabs, toggles, menus, treeview controls, drag and drop controls, auto suggestion fields, sortable listboxes, footnotes, chat dialogs, sliders, calendar pickers, accordions, carousels, slideshows, and wizards.

The difference being, that these functionality templates are fully accessible, scalable, fully customizable for any visual layout, and can be freely distributed as plug-and-play components for use in any web technology.

Plus it's all free and can be used within anything that supports JavaScript.


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