Fixing Firefox topcrashes

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Fixing Firefox topcrashes

L. David Baron
I've gone through a bit of topcrash data for Firefox and found
or filed bugs for some of the ones that:
 * seem like they could be fixable based on the data we have
 * I don't think we've already fixed in the changes already taken for

If I haven't forgotten any of them, the bug list of crashes that I'd
like to see fixed (hopefully for Firefox is this:,303821,321366,328184,330081,335024,335028,335038,335041,335047

I'd also like to see the following topcrashes that already have patches
get into,332324

Many of them are pretty easy (figuring out the right way to null-check
or if a simple null-check is the right solution); some are a bit harder.


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           Technical Lead, Layout & CSS, Mozilla Corporation

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