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Firefox-ui-tests – Platform Operations Project of the Month

Henrik Skupin-4
Hello from Platforms Operations! Once a month we highlight one of our
projects to help the Mozilla community discover a useful tool or an
interesting contribution opportunity.

This month’s project is firefox-ui-tests!

What are firefox-ui-tests?

Firefox UI tests are a test suite for integration tests which are based
on the Marionette automation framework and are majorly used for user
interface centric testing of Firefox. The difference to pure Marionette
tests is, that Firefox UI tests are interacting with the chrome scope
(browser interface) and not content scope (websites) by default. Also
the tests have access to a page object model called Firefox Puppeteer.
It eases the interaction with all ui elements under test, and especially
makes interacting with the browser possible even across different
localizations of Firefox. That is a totally unique feature compared to
all the other existing automated test suites.

You can read more about it on my blog post:

Just to announce it separately, as of yesterday we bumped our test
results on Treeherder to Tier-2, which will give us more visibility to
developers on integration branches. Tests per checkin are run on
Taskcluster which means it's Linux64 only for the moment. We will expand
testing once new platforms are available.


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